Как открыть свое кафе или ресторан | Хорошие советы

How To Open Your Restaurant

On 7 June, a further meeting of the Competition Club will be held under the Birgi Trade Project. This time, the start-up and experienced representatives of the restaurant business will discuss who, and how, today opens their own business. restaurants and development Whole networks. The figures gathered will recognize the growth of the Moscow restaurant market.

The club will address:

  • Strith-Food ideologist in Moscow, Creator of "North Food," inspired by Fudinkubathor Anastasia Kolesnikov;
  • Founder BB " Burgers Ivan Kukarsky " network;
  • Founder of the Anderson Family Café Anastasia Tatulova
  • Founder of Cezve Coffee Marina Huppenen;
  • Creator of the multiband network of café, family company restamama Evgenie Doronin;
  • Private investor, winner of city renting facilities for the development of Artem Chenz's restaurant business;
  • Chief of the Agency, RestConsalt Sergei Miron;
  • Founder of the Consulting Company CafeProfit Andrei Kondrasin;
  • A member of the Federation of Rectors and Hotels of Russia, the Director of Business Development and the OANO New School Service of Constantine Krivošonok.
  • Managing partner at LavkaLavka Dmitri Akiskin
  • Owner of the Urban Kitchen Studio, Elena Soina;
  • An art director of the "More inside" cafe, Uma Sandal.
The broadcast is on this page on 7 June at 5 p.m. Transmission of the event may be delayed for objective reasons, thank you for understanding.