IВолга-2017: как из студии дизайна вырастить крупный ресторанный

How To Do A Restaurant Business

Everyone who thought about opening his own business must have deliberately overwhelmed the areas in which he would be interested in doing business and those who would generate income. Surveys show that restaurant business is most commonly located at the crossroads. A lot of people want to open their own cafe, bar or, if finance and ambition permit, a high-level kitchen restaurant. The lack of catering in Russia has not yet been saturated, so there is room for bold and fresh ideas.

Restorative business One of the most purchased will take about a year to cover the cost. But the risks in the gastronomical business are great, about every third institution that burns for 12 months after the opening.

So you weren't afraid of the risks and decided to open your business. Where do we start to open a successful restaurant?

In the first place, the concept of restaurants should be defined, which category of the price range would be the place and what direction the kitchen would be.

It could be an elite restaurant for a couple of dozen landing places, an exotic kitchen and 200 kinds of wine or an average casual restaurant offering many favorite dishes, a business lunch and a menu for banquets. This may be a small and low-cost coffee shop where the main income depends on the flow of customers and the average check does not exceed 500 roubles. We can discuss the idea of a strip café or a restaurant in the Fast Food category.

The kitchens may also be diverse: these are also restaurants that focus on a country ' s kitchen: Japanese, Italian, French restaurants, Irish pubs, German taverns. Either it can be traditional restaurants with a different menu, but different levels, from a lux class to the simplest domestic dishes. The most profitable and most feasible restaurants are everyday kitchen (casual-retor) or low-cost cafeteria, provided the latter are open in high-lived areas.

Only after the concept has been chosen can the business plan be considered, taking into account all the characteristics of the type of institution.

Choose the room and repair.

The place for the restaurant should be located in a fairly public area of the city or in a car-friendly place, in the case of a lux class.

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