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Opening Of Restaurants

Restored consulting and club consulting from Art Piple Group, are leading restaurant and club business professionals with experience in opening more than 200 restaurants and clubs in Russia and the world. We'll be able to arrange a restaurant, a nightclub, and start a restaurant or a nightclub into commercial exploitation. Having gained considerable experience in the construction and launching of restaurant and club industries in Russia and abroad, we are helping our Prosecutors to avoid unjustified costs; we have a plan of action for the design and maintenance of your project; we assess the possibilities of space and adjust the concept; we suggest that you will have to face in the start-up and post-construction phase.

Activities restaurant consulting We provide advice on the choice of technology equipment - we review the bids made by suppliers; recommend what automated accounting system is better to stop its choices and why; explain how to properly organize an enterprise accounting system, how to work with suppliers and obtain marketing budgets.

We're offering consultations at our office.

Topics and contents of restaurant consultations:

Selection of optimal restaurant concept

  • Fast food.
  • Coffee.
  • Pizzeria.
  • Beer restaurant.
  • The restaurant club, the nightclub.
  • Restoran (cafe) of the national kitchen.
  • Copy or thematic restaurant.

Prospective concepts of restaurants in Russian and CIS markets

  • How to find a forward-looking segment.
  • What needs to be taken into account.
  • The life of segments.
  • Investment and average check for various restaurant concepts.

Stage plan for opening a restaurant or a nightclub

  • Administrative and legal framework: legal instruments, harmonization.
  • Architecture.
  • Disein.
  • Construction.

Complexation: restaurant and club equipment and tools

  • Basic principles for the selection of equipment.
  • New or delayed.
  • Brief overview and comparative characteristics of equipment and tools: refrigeration, heat, washing, storage, bar, kitchen tools, dish, glass, appliances, uniform.
  • Light and sound.
  • Hergonomics and space.

Hotel and work area of the restaurant: commercial room, bar, bacon

  • Planning decisions.
  • Optimal installation and installation of stationary and other equipment.
  • Functional load distribution.