Своя компания (сеть ресторанов)

Your Company Is A Restaurant

Margary! Oh.
One mention of this name is breathing, heartbeat increasing, and the lips have patience solo taste. I think a simple mix of three ingredients... )

Margarita is rightly the most mysterious figure of “community” classic cocktails. There are more than 15 incredible legends around the beverages about its creation, and America, Mexico and England are beating for the right to be known as the inventor of Margarita.

- 50 per cent tequila, 29 per cent orange liquor, 21 per cent lime juice, that is the ratio of ingredients in tequila recommended by the International Barmen Association, but we recall once again that the personal effects of proportions may vary.

♪ The drink is accepted in a cocktail hold that bartenders often call Margarita to be its contents.

♪ The decoration of a glass of salt, often encountered in the delivery of a cocktail, is referred to as " crusta " .
And that's why a cyrus-cactus cocktail is taken to steal salt, we want to ask you, dear guests! Any options?)

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