Ресторанный бизнес за границей

How To Open A Restaurant Business

Alain vineyards

That was before the pies.

Vadim: Neither I nor my wife have ever done restaurant business before, but they always do. Before opening the pie, Mounira was the head of the sales department, and I ran the company. So it worked together, so pies aren't our first joint venture. We've always loved good food, and to receive and feed guests.

Mounira: We're from Dushanbe, and Vadim is making a great swim. So when we realized we wanted to eat, we decided to start with the mouth.

Vadim: We still believe that Moscow lacks a delicious plumbing, although they cook it all, any restaurant of Uzbek food. But in Uzbekistan or Tajikistan there are many purely plumbing establishments where half aton of rice is sold on a day.

Mounira: Vadim wanted to do something like that in Moscow, but when we all figured out and thought it was, he realized that it was very expensive.
After all, we decided to make pies.

Vadim: I guess it's all said in the name. The Pyrogova Love is a character, but first of all, it is what reflects our love for pies.

Mounira: We thought, "Why not?" The pies were cooked at home and decided to take part in the Restaurant Day, which was May 2014. In the Red Spring Park, we were given a culinary-gastronomic corner where, apart from pie, we had a bakery, a pile, and a candy candy, which we used to put on toast. But the biggest success was pie. People ordered, returned and asked where they could be bought,
And then we realized that our pies really liked not just us but others.

Vadim: Then we found out about Nasty Kolsennikova's "Nest Food" marker, wrote an application, baked the first pies (School and Caleb Meat) and went to the organizers.

Mounira: They've sold our pies, and we've been to the marquet. I remember we've been very serious, but no one's approaching us first. It's been two hours. Everyone was watching, but we were passing, and we were getting upset. But Vadim, who's so inconvenient, just took pies, cut them to pieces and started buying them all. And people tried to come back. And then we sold all our pies-- how many eternal reactions! People said, "What good pies you have!" - and it really inspired us.

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