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Specialities Of Restaurant Business In Roses

UCS - Automation Systems for the Hospitality Industry

UCS (USIES) was established in 1992 by young professionals who graduated from the Department of Engineering Cybernetics of the Moscow Institute of Staly and Splaves in the fields of Applied Mathematics. The firm declared itself shortly after its establishment, offering a new, complete computer system for the automation of R-KeeperTM version 1 in the market for software products to automate restaurants, café, bars and fast-service facilities.

In the early 1990s, UCS was the first Russian private firm to market such a software product, which was a worthy competition for foreign analogs. Examining the organization ' s characteristics Business in Russiathe firm has proposed a solution that fully meets the requirements of the most repository.

DSC_0128.jpgNow UCS is the leading Russian developer of software and equipment for the automation of restaurants, cinemas, hotels, entertainment and sports and recreation centres, the repeated winner of the HoReCa Best Market Provider, the information portal, the Best software provider.

The company ' s most popular professional restaurant management system, R-KeeperTM, brought together the world experience of restaurant leaders.

To date, more than 45,000 restaurants in 48 countries worldwide have chosen R-KeeperTM as a system of business automation. This is a flexible and ambitious solution that meets the needs of a restaurant in any format, from a small cafe to a large network. The system is characterized by its modularity, which allows each client to be offered an individual solution that meets his business development needs and strategies.