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Current Trends In Restaurant Business In Roses

Catering plays an enormous role in the lives of every individual and modern society as a whole. More people prefer to feed outside the house. Public nutrition is a special place in services. This is ensured by the emergence of new technologies for food processing, the development of communications, delivery of products and raw materials, and the intensification of many production processes. Public nutrition helps to address many socio-economic problems: it helps to better utilize the country ' s food resources, provides timely and quality food to the population, which is critical to health, productivity growth, quality of education; it enables better use of free time, which is now a significant factor for the population.

The term " public food " under GAS R " Catering services " . Terms and definitions can be defined as " a self-sustaining sector of the economy consisting of enterprises of various forms of ownership and organizational and management structure that provide food to the population, as well as the production and implementation of finished products and semi-financials, both within and outside the catering industry, with the possibility of providing a wide range of recreational and other additional services [1].

As can be seen from the definition of catering, there are three main functions: the production, implementation and organization of the consumption of cooking products by the population in specially organized places, but the role of catering, such as " the organization of leisure and social activities of the population " , needs to be emphasized.

The functioning of the catering industry depends directly on the type of services that the enterprise provides. According to GOST R 50764-95 " Catering services. General requirements " all catering services are subdivided into the following types of food services; cooking services; consumption and maintenance services; cooking services; recreational services; information and advisory services; other services [2].

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