Особенности ресторанного бизнеса Гданьска

Specialities Of Restaurant Business

Portal of hospitality and nutrition

In terms of management, restaurant business is very similar to other economic activities. Management-related issues are the prerogative of managers and first-person managers. In the vast majority of cases, they are self-sufficient in the selection of staff, labour discipline, placement of staff, and spend a lot of effort and time at the expense of primary tasks.

A severe time deficit compels the leaders of the Kiev restaurants to delegate their authority to address certain questions to the assistants. Suffice it to be noted that this issue, which is the role of line managers, is a positive process. However, such a top management, without sufficient professional information and advice, is properly trained and the necessary experience is used in most cases by authoritarian guidance. As a result, the overall morale of the labour community leaves much to be desired.

Stresses, nerves, which simply abundant the restaurant sector, and human resources policies do not have an expected impact.Rational 200x300 This trend is particularly true for a small restaurant where all power is concentrated in the hands of one leader, and human resources policies are based solely on his authority: if you don't like it, go and change nothing. At the same time, the labour force is held hostage to the competence and spirit of the manager or director.

After the departure of the head, virtually all the staff of the institution who was never a team leaves the Italian restaurant. New people come to his place with a new leader and an established system of relations. In such cases, no management philosophy or corporate culture can be said. All relations are based on silence and unconditional subordination. It is a good chance that the manager combined a successful leader, a communicable man from whom the guests are thrilled, and a skilled leader who is leading the labour team.

If your restaurant is headed by such a manager, there is no need for a dedicated staff unit or a human resources manager. It's the only person who can do it. If your manager does not have such qualities, those functions will have to be closed between... ♪

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