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Visions Of Restaurant Business In Roses

And. (Signed) I. V. SHAWANDIN


Key words: business, coffee, public food, restaurant segment, Russia.

Annotations. Successful business in Russia was considered on the basis of coffee.

Today, coffee and coffee drinks are popular around the world. The popularity of coffee and beverages on its basis is at a constant high level. This business is now being successfully developed in Russia. Coffee is the first thing to do is atmosphere. The democracy of the institution attracts all social strata. Coffee is a unique symbiosis of eastern slowness and condom with West energy.

The relevance of the topic is determined by the fact that the coffee industry is developing very dynamically and actively in the coming decade. According to the statistics available by Montana Coffee, one of the largest suppliers of $2,5 billion per year, a Russian family of four people account for 500,700 grams of coffee per month, while in Europe the same family consumes 5 to 7 kg for the same period.

Coffee culture is not just growing, coffee culture is different. Work in this business needs to be addressed not only in coffee varieties and suppliers, but also in development dynamics, commercial risks, competitors and modern consumer demands.

For the past five years, the coffee business in Russia has been buoyant and at least 10 years will grow successfully in both large and small cities. That's what Oleg Hermak, the president of the coffee shop, made.

It's a domestic coffee shop on the rise. At the end of the 1990s

I. I., Shavandin I. V., 2014

Western companies considered that the Russian market was hopeless. Both domestic businessmen were treated with the opaci, preferring more usual restaurants. It was considered that, unlike Western Europeans and particularly the Rossian people of the East, the culture of coffee was not taught. Life showed the erroneousness of such perceptions. For about five years, this market has been experiencing a real boom. From Moscow and Petersburg, the largest players in the market have stepped actively into the regions. Some estimates indicate that the expansion of coffee networks is due to the high cost-effectiveness of this type of business - up to 700 per cent and the rapid cost of investments. However, specialists believe that the high expectations should be treated with caution, as the first coffee shops were actually bought very quickly, but the market is now beginning to saturate.

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