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Training In Restaurants


Have you thought about how many clients and profits you lose?

With you, Roman Birukov, a restaurant business consultant on profit-making techniques, as well as a first-rate coach and sales skills.

Managers of restaurant business Most often asks me the following question: "How to increase profits and attract more guests? ”

And when was the last time you analyzed your staff's work, how they communicate with your guests, do permanent guests know names, care and heat in service? How many ways they know how to raise the check are they able to determine the psychological types of guests and how to communicate better how to avoid conflict and how to make a broken guest happy in 60 seconds? What in your service personnel's actions is encouraging a guest to return to your place again?

It's just a little bit of a possible question.

On average, after the introduction of first-class equipment and training, the proceeds are raised by 10 to 50 per cent.

Консалтинг - помощь ресторанному бизнесу

In carrying out a covert evaluation of staff on the secret guest system, I detect in 95 per cent of the establishments non-compliance with many standard rules, let alone those rules that will make your establishment a favourite place for your guests. Exactly. Love The visitor will be more frequent, with friends, colleagues and the family.

Your institution may have the best and most expensive ads, but if your service is mediocre, the guests will leave you, and the money for advertising and marketing will be spent empty.

All restaurants/barsoffering guests mainly the same dishes and services, the most competitive advantage is the service.

We will help you build a commitment in your institution to your top-priority service, to your staff, to learn how to sell and raise the check.

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