Consulting In Restaurants

Activities cover a wide range of issues, ranging from basic principles of restaurant and trade business to in-depth consideration of financial and management processes.

3. Chest class

In the programme, familiarity with original prescriptions, modern equipment and in restaurants kitchens. You've always had good meals on your classrooms, new business-to-doing, live conversations and councils of famous cooks.

What do you get to our company? You'll save up to 20% of your budget when business starts. We'll increase your chances of success a few times. We will provide expert support after your business is opened.

Sign for the dispatch of experts to the annual conference " The Strategy of Modern Protection " . Risk management. "

Once a quarter The most important thing for the safety of your business is tax risks, commercial real property risks, intellectual property protection, interaction with Consumers and PM, communication with the bank, online cassations (54-FZ and EGAS) and start-up risks. Expert topics from companies: GOSTEST, Lemc, Crup and Partners, Ligaart, ATOL and SDM-Bank.

According to world statistics, every third person wants to become an entrepreneur and every eight of them want to do food-related business: cafes, restaurants and food stores. And every year, the relay and HoReCa market continues to grow and grow, even though it's one of the most risky types of business. 60 per cent of enterprises in this industry are closed in the first year. In order to increase the likelihood of falling into the remaining 40 per cent, there are two ways: to work French or to seek assistance from industry experts.

We have been in the process of opening catering and food shops all over Russia for 20 years and are ready to provide expert support for the opening and development of your business. We're gonna help pick up the room, develop the concept of the institution, calculate the business plan, develop a menu, technology and engineering project. We'll pick up the manager and the chef, and we'll train the staff. We also agree on all necessary matters with government agencies.

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