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Marketing In Restaurants

Есть ли у Вас человек, ответственный за вопросы рекламы, привлечение новых и удержание существующих клиентов?Some time ago, we conducted a mini research on marketing in restaurant business. In total, we interviewed about 100 café and restaurant owners to find out what ways this business is developing, what trends it is showing, and what marketing instruments it prefers to use retortors. The results are shown in the charts below.

First, we learned that the owners of the establishments are thinking about marketing activities and that they attach importance to this area. The first question was " Do you have a person responsible for advertising, attracting new clients and retaining existing clients? " The answers were quite unexpected: more than half of the respondents for some reason preferred to do everything on their own.

Какую из следующих двух задач Вы считаете более приоритетной для своего бизнеса?Do you have a person responsible for advertising, attracting new clients and keeping existing clients?

The next issue we have sought to identify the top priorities of each retortor:

Which of the following two tasks do you consider to be more of a priority for your business?

Comparing the first two schedules, a funny coincidence can be seen: 66 per cent of respondents deal with all marketing issues on their own, and the same 66 per cent consider it a major challenge to attract new clients. What about the principle - 20% of clients give 80% of profits? What about the creation and maintenance of loyalty? That is the answer to the question " Do you have a loyalty programme in place? "

Do you have a loyalty program in your office?

Half of the respondents answered that they had created and supported a discount programme in their establishment, and no bonus reservoirs. Moreover, 55 per cent consider this marketing instrument to be ineffective even though it has not previously been used. The next question was, therefore, " Do you launch various shares in your establishment? "

Есть ли у Вас в заведении программа лояльности? Запускаете ли Вы различные акции в своем заведении? Делаете ли Вы SMS-рассылку своим клиентам? Запускали ли Вы совместные акции с сервисами коллективных покупок?