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Competitions In Restaurants

The restaurant market is steadily developing and growing. A large number of bars, cafes and restaurants open every month. But the service market is growing not only, but also the demands placed on it by visitors.

People have become more sensitive to the services provided and the food they offer. This, in turn, requires retortors to open higher-quality institutions. But despite all kinds of kidnapping, competition does its job. Five out of ten open restaurants are closed in a short time without competition. The main reason for this is amateur approach restaurant business

It should be noted that, depending on the class of the restaurant, there are also competition law.

For example, for an elite restaurant, the most important thing is, to the knowledge of the name of its retortor. If a retortor is well known to a wide range of people, his restaurant is successful and prosperous. The new one in the restaurant business, the competition with the names of the restaurants is complicated, because their popular names are the brand of the restaurant. Plus, this market segment is almost entirely saturated and, in addition, it is not very attractive because of the long time of project purchase.

In restaurants for middle class, the situation is somewhat different. The main form of competition in this segment is the brand and location of the restaurant. Just open the restaurant and get the profits, it's not gonna work, it's got to be a pretty creative concept.

In general, competition can be divided into territorial, price and intra-segment. Such a classification allows for appropriate competition techniques in each case.

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