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Competitiveness Of The Restaurant Business Enterprise

As a rule, the revocation is written by scientific leaders. However, a student often has to write the withdrawal on his own, but the manager just signs it at the end. Therefore, let's consider in detail,

Certified job, what should be?

The structure looks like:

  • Paper slip: name(s), student ' s work (provided by F.I.O., student) on skilled work (hereinafter the full wording of the topic).
  • Brief description of the diploma project
  • Content assessment,
  • List of merits and shortcomings
  • Guidance on the practical relevance of the study,
  • Recommended evaluation.

How is it right to write a message? Diploma

If each section is considered in greater detail, a number of such features may be highlighted in the contents:
  • Initially, the withdrawal of the head gives a brief overview of the qualification process and highlights the student ' s ability to conduct research, skills and skills on his own;
  • This is followed by a summary of the project itself. This outlines the structure of the work, describes in a concise manner the main aspects of each section;
  • I must say the virtues and shortcomings of the diploma. Of course, emphasis is placed on positive results (materials) and shortcomings are described in slippery. They should not spoil the general good impression of the project.
  • The Director ' s response to the diploma should assess the importance of the work done. What's the practical significance of the project? Where can the data from the study be useful?
  • A recommended evaluation is made at the end. This may be “good” or “satisfactory”. The head of the sign with the decryption, after which the diploma project is given to the chairman.

A model of withdrawal to a diploma can be very helpful in drawing up. In principle, there is no single template, since each diploma is unique and non-repetitive, with particular features in construction and maintenance.

Example of the withdrawal of a scientific leader to a degree