Критерии выбора диванов для кафе и ресторанов

Competition In Restaurant Business Today

Конкуренция в ресторанном бизнесе РоссииIn Russia, competition in restaurants does not look like competition among participants but rather as a struggle for customers. There has never been any merger in the last 15 years. There were isolated cases where one restaurant consumed or bought another. Instead of such standard competitions, there was a greater struggle for restaurants, although this was not a broad publicity. This is despite the fact that the location of the restaurant is one of the main success factors, as it minimizes the costs of advertising. So every businessman tried to open his place in the middle of the city, or at least close to the subway, where there was a large accumulation of people.

From here on, it's clear that everyone lacks room. restaurant marketdespite the fact that not much of the Russians may visit the restaurant, the visit to such an institution is similar to the holiday. At this time, competition in Russia is not developed and, at the same time, there can be catering facilities for different species and classes on one street. This encourages each of them to seek better service delivery to attract more clients. So bad establishments disappear when they're new. It's a so-called brand competition.

Gradually, middle class is the habit of having dinner outside the house, as Europeans and Americans do. Therefore, middle-price restaurants try to meet new demands.

Since competition in restaurants presupposes mainly the struggle for customers, price reductions are primarily used to attract them. This measure has been triggered by new actors. Some institutions also try to attract visitors to some interesting events.