Университеты ресторанного бизнеса во Франции

Development Of Restaurant Business In France

  • Experience in restaurant, hospital and tourism, large hotels of known French resorts;
  • French and English;
  • Expanding knowledge of the culture and traditions of France.

- residence and food at the employer ' s expense;
A monthly scholarship of 550 euros per month; good awards and tips are possible;

Internship: 2-3 months in the 2017 summer period (dates selected by participants and agreed with the French Coordinator). During the winter period, the length of the internship is clarified.

Participation in the programme requires:

  • To have French at DELF A1-B2 level (not required for proof of language) ;
  • Be between 18 and 39 years of age;
  • Have an active life and personal motivation.
  • have an active foreign exchange.

Grave students or graduates of foreign language, food, restaurant, tourism and hospitality departments

Internship procedure:

  • An online interview on Skype is conducted after the verification of documents.
  • If the interview is successful, the registration fee is Euro200.
  • A contract is signed with the employer and with the candidate ' s educational institution.
  • Visa collection. The candidate (or intermediary) submits visa documents to the visa centre.
  • Upon receipt of the visa, the balance of the amount for processing is Euro500.

Project cost: Euro700 Value includes

  • Search and selection of the place of internship;
  • Interviews;
  • Processing of a working contract;
  • Internship at the Ministry of Labour of France;
  • Visa control;
  • Smoking and support on-site.

* The tickets, visas and insurance are not included. It is possible to pay for an internship after receiving the first fellowship in France.