Работа в ресторанном бизнесе

Work In Restaurants

♪ You can be with us:
♪ Recognize different positions in the field of catering.
♪ Offer or find any job in the restaurant business.
♪ Engage with peers on profiles in discussions and their themes.
♪ Promotion of business in this area (for the terms below).

♪ Make proposals for work in the restaurant sector (and any catering sector).
- Look for mutual help.

♪ To various types of publications not directly related to vacancies (proposals of work), topics have been created in the discussion.
♪ Please indicate the city where you're looking for staff.

♪ We don't check the vacancies! It's physically impossible. We're not responsible for advertising! Find out the details on your own with the authors.
- The proposed news is published once per hour (except urgent).
♪ Thank you for understanding!

• PLATNO (in LC administrators):
♪ Any advertisements (boxes, photographs, shares, etc.)
♪ Your announcement is enshrined.
♪ Recurrent publications of one week ' s vacancy.
♪ Conditions and requisitions: vk.cc/4Z7khW

What are you doing in COURSE?

∙ What shall be done:
♪ Press the News.
♪ You wait for the engines and your news will appear on the public wall.

♪ Write in the group's message a text referring to your announcement and the word "closed"

♪ Don't let it go ♪
♪ What you don't need may be useful to others.
♪ I can't believe it ♪

♪ If you like our project, you can provide any support for the following requisitions:
Yandex. Money: 9674
SberBanca card: 4276 5500 2823 3479
Map of Alpha Bank: 4154 8220 7439 0397

♪ For violation of ethics (respect, craft, etc.)
♪ For all kinds of spams (i.e. advertising in commentaries, discussions, not related to group topics, etc.)
♪ To steadfastly post their ads without agreement.
And other similar violations.

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