Проект «Образовательные мастер-классы специалистов гостиничного и

Department Of Restaurants

The only one in the Krasnodar province, which pays public and scholarly scholarships from the leading food productions of Fillip Morris Quan, Ochakovo, Krasnodar and other.

Prestigious specialty 260301 - Meat and Meat Technology. Qualification is an engineer.

The use of meat processing specialists is increasing every year, as meat processing units are actively developing in the south and throughout Russia. The training of specialists is closely linked to production. Cafédra has representations on the Krasnodar, Tihorek and Krasnyrha meatlobeths. All types of practice (teaching, technological, pre-diplomatic), practical and laboratory exercises in special subjects are carried out. Graduates are employed by managers and engineers of the meat processing industry.

The most romantic specialty 260302 is fish and fish technology. Qualification is an engineer.

For the first time in Russia, students are familiar with the characteristics of the production and processing of unique ocean raw materials and the processing of pond fish. The knowledge gained is needed by future engineers in the country ' s manufacturing and provincial enterprises. Students participate in research, research and research on the chemical composition of river, sea and pond fish and their products.

260501 - catering technology. Qualification is an engineer.

The graduate ' s area of activity is the production and maintenance of catering facilities of various types. Graduates are employed by directors, leading specialists in catering, trade inspections, project and research institutes, license centres, food laboratories, university teachers, colleges, technicians and vocational schools.

260505 - Child and functional nutrition technology. Qualification is an engineer.

Graduates are prepared for work in food production facilities for children, medical and prophylactic and special purposes; in project and research institutes, in food laboratories, universities, technicians, vocational schools.