Штатное расписание банка пример

Staff Management In Restaurant Business, For Example


Агамирова Е.В. Управление персоналом в туризме и гостинично-ресторанном бизнесеTopic 1. Mission and organizational objectives
Situation 1. Development of Lininvest mission
Topic 2. Corporate culture
Situation 2. Balchug's corporate culture
Topic 3. Staff Management Service (SMS) organizational structure
Situation 3. Construction of the Department of Staff Management of Hotel Z
Topic 4. Personnel policy, human resources strategy
Situation 4. Amur Passage Restaurant
Situation 5. Human resources management strategy by reducing production costs
Topic 5. Human resources planning
Topic 6. Management of personnel decisions
Situation 6. Management personnel decision-making process in the Rest turf (Multiple Matrix)
Topic 7. Recruitment. Selection technology
Situation 7. Compilation of official instructions from the Amur Passage
Topic 8. Selection methods
Theme 9. Staff assessment (testation)
Conduct a comprehensive work evaluation
Theme 10. Staff development (training, retraining, advanced training)
Situation 8. Provision of training during the reorganization of GS
Samara International Airport
Theme 11. Business career development
Theme 12. Modification of staff
Situation 9. B-Education system
Definition of wages
Topic 13. Labour performance monitoring
Theme 14. Psychological and social aspects of staff management
Situation 10. Conflict between Aerofolt top managers.

1. Analysis of staff composition and structure
2. Analysis of the use of labour capacity
3. Analysis of the use of the working time fund

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