Deynega, Роман Дейнега

Manager Of Restaurant Business

Opium-restored business is a field where, if you wish, you can make a successful career quite quickly. But despite the large number of EPZs, Ukrainian hotels and restaurants suffer from a shortage of skilled personnel. Students lack theoretical and practical skills, and they want to work in leadership positions. The country ' s hospitality industry now offers great prospects for modern youth. These conclusions were drawn from a press conference organized by the International Human Resources Portal with the InterContinental Kyiv Hotel.

According to the HeadHunter Research Centre, the number of those seeking employment in the field is much higher than the number of offers in the market. This imbalance at the vacancy level for senior management is particularly visible. Employers are looking for cooks, waiters, kitchen staff, young professionals and animators, while most of the summaries are in management categories. One proposal for a management position sometimes comprises seven applicants and an average of 3 applicants per vacancy.

Vladimir Fedorchenko, President of the University of Kiev for Tourism, Economics and Law, in the past, Director of Intourista, has complained to the educational system: " In Ukraine, more than 100 UPZs are trained in the off-site field. Most of them - IV and V - Accreditation level - no technical training is provided. The existing UWS lacks teachers of practice and modern technologies. Students simply do not understand that working in a hotel and restaurant is hard work, including physical work. According to the expert, educational institutions simply lack finance to provide students with a decent practice.

You can go to a hotel or a restaurant without experience. According to, the requirements for researchers ' experience throughout the labour market have declined significantly over the past year. Hotels and restaurants are hunting students and people without experience. More vacancies for those who worked 1-3 years. It is true that the management post, especially in a hotel, requires 3-4 years of experience in a similar position. The largest number of very experienced chef chefs is 58 per cent, and the highest among hotel managers. A new study of could read more about the requirements for higher-level off-site professionals.

Jean Baptist Pijon, General Manager of the InterContinental Kyiv Hotel, claims that the main objective of the international network hotel at this time is to develop loyalty. ♪ ♪

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