Иностранный опыт: Как Michelin и Zagat выбирают лучшие рестораны

The Award Is Silent In Restaurant Business

Шеф-повар, кормивший Путина, Никсона и английскую королеву, придумал блюда для уральцевIlya Laserson is a recognized expert, the author of books, the lead television and the president of the St Petersburg Chef Club. Among those he cooked, Vladimir Putin, Elizabeth II, Richard Nixon. Ilya Laserson came to Ekaterinburg at the invitation of Oleg Ananyev. In Le Bourg 1905, he had a tasting dinner. For the Uralians, he prepared his version of the dishes that were feeded by Nobel Laureates for various years to give the award. The Moments learned from the Guru of the Kulinary about what dishes he had decided to conquer the Uralians and what to prepare for. restaurant business

The chef worthy of Michelen is definitely in Russia. I think our country has everything we need, and these stars are conditional.

♪ How did the idea of creating a grid for Nobel Laureates?

♪ I've had all the menu of nobel dinners since 1901, and I've studied them. There was an idea to make a net out of the dishes that were feeding on the awards when one of the Russians became a laureate. They're not authentic, I added my special component to every dish.

It ended up four positions. Waldorf (selery, apple, whipped creams and walnuts). He was put on the table in 1964, when two Soviet physics, Nikolai Basov, and Alexander Prohorov, became the winners. The second dish is the salmon of a hot copy (in a sauce with an artichoke, a spinach and a Muslin sauce) in the honor of Alexander Soljenicin in 1970. Then the main is the " Shadow in the Calvados " , from the menu of 1978, when they awarded Peter Capica physics. It's a duck fist in French sauce, a "demiglas" evaporated in a beef boulone.

And in conclusion, masedouan in anaesthetic liker, in honor of writer Michael Shalohov (1964). A pineapple, a baseball and a goat cheese.

♪ Do you care how your experiment in our town is gonna take?

♪ I always say that the quality of food is taken on the second day. The food should be well in and very well out when it is analysed on the way out, then it will be clear.

♪ Why are the Nobel Prize winners interested? Can we say that a highly educated person understands how to feel better food than other people?

♪ No, of course. They often eat without knowing what they eat. Fizic thinks about the atoms, and poet writes poems in his head. That's how both of us can fly around and ignore the food.

Now. We have a popular Panamanian kitchen in town. How will this change in the near future?