Колледж «Царицыно», Московский колледж управления, гостиничного

Business Management College

Management in restaurants

This is where you find out about the restaurant business! Planning the kitchen, preparing the guest hall, managing the customers' orders, managing the bartenders, somel waiters and barristers is just a little something you'll learn about this college class. At the end, you can position yourself as a manager in a restaurant business. But it's not over! Apart from modern education, you'll be able to get a job for a bartender, a waiter, free of charge! And for the last time, a little secret, this specialty has a huge demand from employers. There's always new coffee shops and restaurants in Tomsk where our students are welcome!

Qualification: Manager
Form of education: plumbing, distance
Learning time:
based on 9 c. - 3 p.m.
11 c. - 2 g. 10 ms.

Meat and meat technology

The foundation of any meal, from the day-to-day to the fine laundry, is of course the meat dish. The meat in preparation and preparation doesn't waste the hands! So many thinnesses and secrets you need to know before you can get the hardest meat plate. We will teach you to treat this king of products on an equal footing. You, along with the skilled craftsmen, will be able to dig the top of meat-producing technology, sausages and copiers. We will have a distinguished and necessary profession that will allow not only a strong foothold, but also a great opportunity for further professional development.

Qualification: Technologist
Form of education: plumbing, distance

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