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Business Restaurant Plan

The problem of staff theft is one of the most common, it is faced by virtually all businessmen who decide to open restaurants. Sooner or later, there is a time when the owner of the restaurant understands that a lot of sums just flow away from his hands. And this discovery, however depressing it seems, is one of the main risks in the restaurant business.

Before confronting this phenomenon, it is necessary to analyse on which side you can foment such troubles. Administrative agents and accountants and ordinary waiters can steal. It would be very difficult to get them to clean water. As we know, it's easier to prevent than treat. That's the way it is.

Arrangements for the opening of a restaurant should include scrupulous selection of staff. Require recommendations confirming the integrity of employees. This will allow for the first time to disperse the bidders who have been caught stealing. But it must be understood that appetite comes in during the food, and many employees, before uncompromising themselves, will not be able to resist the temptation of “shalling hands”.

Where does the money go?

Labour Organization and its specific features restaurant market It is such that only units are often not stealing from the workplace. It is difficult to resist temptation when opportunities are available from all sides! Some of the money is floating to the side of the purchases to the restaurant, the employees of the room sin what keeps some of the proceeds from the restaurant owner. For example, in a restaurant, drinking alcohol from a nearby store, waiters can get a good life and catch their hand with a very difficult one.

The key figure in any restaurant is the manager. If you trust him 100 per cent, you have the right to squeeze all of his troubles in the identification of the employees. The special features of the restaurant manager are that he should be kept aware of all of his " possessions " The special features of the organizational and management functions of the restaurant are to prevent the possibility of theft and, if not, to respond immediately to misconduct.