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Restaurant Business Management Systems

Автоматизация ресторанного бизнесаRestored business as no other felt the current economic situation - the impact of sanctions, currency surges and the overall decline in demand. As a result, many of the Siberian market participants left the market. The remaining retortors have focused on optimizing business and better working with visitors. As a result, interest in the various automation systems of this business has increased. Where the restaurant market is moving and to what extent information technology can change its business model, KS.

One of the key features of the market in restaurant informatization systems is that it was almost entirely occupied by domestic producers. They did not have to " retrieve " positions in western Hungarians, they were not familiar with business conditions at any time, and the question of price was not to write off.

For example, in the 1990s, the Russian market has been divided between two key models, UCSR-Keeper and Tillypad, and has received a share of the 1C systems. Nowadays, decision iiko, which was the product of ABBYY billionaire David Jan, is gaining great popularity. The head of the IT company decided to open his restaurant in Moscow, and this step led him to a more detailed market study. As a " silent " , David Jan saw a very different development segment-- Automation of restaurant business - and assigned the project to a separate company. By 2015, iiko ranked second in prevalence after R-Keeper. Attempts were also made by News-Syberian players, in particular Saintlab, one of whose founders is the " 2GIS " co-owner. Dmitri Sysoev.

There is no growing interest in such systems. It is difficult for the recorder to manage all processes at the same time, even in a separate institution. As explained in the " KS " interview, David Yang himself, managers have to use up to 11 different programmes to manage the restaurant business: a separate cash management complex, a separate Excel for finance, a separate video surveillance, a separate delivery site, a separate warehouse programme, a separate staff time accounting system, etc. " Thousands of transactions every day, receipts, write-offs, technology maps, works... There are only a few people in charge of the administration: director, bookkeeper, managers. It's a very complicated business, "David Jan celebrated.