Тренды ресторанного бизнеса 2017 от Poster — Poster

Outlook Of Restaurant Business

On 15 January, a panel discussion of the Federation of Restorators and Hotelers of Russia was held in the framework of the Guyana Forum 2015, with the participation of leading experts from the industry and government structures.

Speakers were made by the President of the Federation of Restorators and Hotelers, Igor Bukharaov, who was a moderator of the discussion, the Director of the Department for Internal Trade, Light Industry and Consumer Market Development of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Park, Director General of the Rosinter Restorants, Sergei Zayitsa, Director of the Centre for Research of the Federal and Regional Alco Markets, Vadim Drobis, and others.

The discussion raised the most relevant issues for the hospitality industry. The topics discussed by the experts were the testing of food enterprises under changing legislation and the licensing and declaration of alcohol products. In addition, issues of importance to the industry were raised, such as administrative barriers, certification of professional qualifications of graduates of specialized universities and vocational education institutions, corruption and others.

One of the topics discussed by the experts was the testing of meals under the changing legislation. Oleg Shestoprov, Director-General of AIE, Business and Resource Centre, Oleg Shestopperov, noted that the violations had increased by 75 per cent over the past two years, and 87 per cent of the catering industry had failed to meet the requirements of São Peña. According to experts, the whole point is that there is no clear and transparent description of the requirements in the legislation.

The Director of the Department for Internal Trade, Light Industry and Consumer Market Development of the Ministry of Prompourg RF Dennis Park drew attention to the fact that official statistics showed a steady decline in the number of poisonings in the public sector for several years and that the number of violations recorded by the Survey was increasing, suggesting that there were no socially dangerous violations.

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