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Current Status And Prospects For Restaurant Development


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The article carried out a study on the market for restaurant services during the crisis, as well as an analysis of its current state and prospects for development. An analysis was made of the outcomes of catering establishments, which showed that the global economic crisis had severely affected the industry, but not all market segments had suffered equally. It is proposed to address the crisis of the restaurant market.

Key words: economic crisis; restaurant business; casual dining; fine dining; fast-food.

The 2008 economic crisis has now made significant changes to the domestic restaurant market. The decline in the income of the population has led to a sharp fall in demand for restaurant services. Russia, which has had sufficient incomes, has for quite some time been forced to refuse to attend restaurants and cafes and to visit fast food facilities that are willing to offer quality food at acceptable prices. Now, the public in restaurants has become more careful to look at the prices and choose rather than pick the meals. " The crisis has changed the preferences of visitors - confirms Karina Pogosov, the PR director of G.M.R. Planet of the State Privacy. " - Now they want to know in advance what's worth with a specific amount that they can afford to spend. More often than not, the cost of cobbles has varied from 150 roubles. On average, the cheque decreased by 10 per cent compared to the previous year. "

No research has yet been carried out in this area, and the participants in the restaurant business as one predict that the pyramid of catering will become more grounded. Her peak, fine dining, should be narrowed by some estimates, almost twice. Medium segment - casual dining - can be reduced by 15-30 per cent. Most likely, the only reason - fast-food [1] will not be affected. In the face of falling incomes, the flow of full-time customers to high-value restaurants flows to middle-pricing facilities and their customers are switched in turn