О развитии ресторанного бизнеса в Астрахани афиша и отдых в Астрахани

Problems Of Restaurant Development

Проблемы развития ресторанного бизнеса в РоссииEven for a job like a restaurant director, maybe a waiter, a manager or even a bartender. The director is the owner of a restaurant whose place is no longer to be occupied.

A positive example in this situation is the development of Rosinter restaurant staff. A man who was a director yesterday could be the head of the concept, a regional development or a new restaurant concept. Rosinter ' s arrivals are successfully raised up the career ladder and outside the company, as they are valuable candidates for management positions in the Competitive Rest Networks.

Henrik Winter, a famous rector, believes that restaurant manager should monitor the professionalism of all staff and the development of the team. Team and manager priorities should match. One way out of this situation is to develop future managers from the beginning. There is a strong restaurant development school based on the known Rostern.

There's a training system for all staff - for waiters, managers, directors and others. West Center International has opened a special school for terrestrial specialists. There are sutures trained by Japanese professionals specially invited by the association.

At the same time, there is an interesting feature: managers who have gained considerable experience in work at McDonalds are difficult to transform it into high- and middle-price restaurants. This reflects different conceptual approaches in these institutions and in Macdonalds.

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