Александр Мусатов: «Если ты смелый, то начинай понемногу

Stage Of Restaurant Development

Этапы развития ресторанного бизнесаThe development of a restaurant business has a great history and a beginning from a long past. In Russia, the basic owner of the restaurant business, according to many historians, is Ivan Grozny. To make sure that Rusie doesn't get drunk, he's not selling alcohol. Only the queens were allowed to sell alcoholic drinks, which brought good profits.

In the middle of the twenty-first century, boars began to call pit houses. Such establishments could not be just public. Along with drinks in pit houses, you could have bought hot meals and snacks, tea with cakes.

A little later, there were tractors in place of pit houses that had one purpose to provide food and drinks to the people. In these institutions, the dishes were exclusively Russian national kitchens. The tractors used a lot of popularity in their time. And the number of restaurants was very small, and they only had an elite.

The end of the twenty-first century was marked by the emergence of various tea, caffeine, charchev, and the first not elite restaurants. Already early in the twentieth century, in cities such as Moscow and St. Petersburg, tractors were slightly outdated by restaurants. The increase in the number of restaurants resulted in the classification of restaurants by category. First country restaurants are also showing up. The restaurants opened during this period were mainly French and German property.

In the post-revolutionary period, many restaurants were closed because it was thought that time was not for fun. Restoration started in the 1950s. It flourished to the '70s, and in the '80s restaurants, considerable difficulties had to be experienced due to the deficit period.