Вячеслав Шпорт принял участие во встрече с Премьер-министром Индии

Training In Restaurant Business In India

The Baltic Academy of Tourism and Entrepreneurship (BATIP) has been training graduates for 20 years for the entire tourism industry.
BATIP ' s history began in 1969, when the Russian tourist education system in Leningrad established a zone-based tourism training course for the professional development of tourist and excursion enterprises.
The need for tourism specialists in Leningrad has always been extremely demanding, and in 1992 it is decided to establish a higher education institution. Today, our granddaughter went to a new stage of his development. In October 2005, the Accreditation Board of the Federal Education and Science Supervision Service decided that the Baltic Institute of Tourism should be granted the status of academy. The Institute became the Baltic Academy of Tourism and Enterprise. This is indeed an important development, as the Baltic Institute of Tourism has become an academia graduated among the 45 non-State institutions of Saint Petersburg.
It is a common fact that the emblem of the Baltic Academy of Tourism and Entrepreneurship is a fine ship, flying in all sails towards a cherished purpose.
Much effort was needed to select the correct course of the vein movement, to fill the sail with a wind of deep, diverse knowledge and confident practical skills in the chosen professions, and ultimately to grow out of the new recruits of real professionals who are highly skilled in the modern labour market. In 20 years of active development, the university has done a great deal in the educational process, in scientific activities and in youth education. Twenty-seven graduates of management, economics and tourism have been implemented. All Academy graduates have deep knowledge, high skills, labour market demand and successful work in tourism, hotel, restaurant and sanatorium, economics and finance. In June 2012, the Academy ' s 4,000th graduate diploma was awarded in a solemn setting.
The Baltic Academy of Tourism and Entrepreneurship is proud to have the palm of primary importance in the specializations of tourism and hospitality, sanatorium and resort, Hotel and restaurant business. Today, this higher education institution is generally recognized as the leading scientific, educational and methodological centre for the training of tourists in the North-West of Russia. In 2005, the Academy... ♪

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