Бизнес и туризм обучение

Restorative And Hotel Training

France has traditionally been considered a world leader in the hotel area. The word " hotel " itself has French origin. It is now in France that one of the world ' s largest hotel companies, Accor. It is therefore legitimate that in France today one of the best hotel schools in the world can be found.

To date, the most prestigious profession in the field of hospitality in France is the hotel manager. The hotel manager ' s skills have been trained for two years after a baccalaureate student. Upon completion of the training, a BTS (the highest technical certificate) diploma in hotel and restaurant matters is awarded.

The cost of hotel education in France in the country ' s EPZ will be averaged from Euro10 to 13,000 per year.

Vatel Hotel School

The most famous hotel management school today is the Vatel International Business School. This school, in the view of many hotel businesses, is the best in Europe. The school is named after the famous chef François Vatel, who was cooking at King Louis XIV's court. To date, Vatel has four continents. The Vatel files are open in Lyon, Nim, Madrid, Mexico City, Buenos Aires, Quebec and other cities.

AIM Hotel Tourism Management School

Another of the most famous French hotel schools in Paris. Recognized around the world, including a number of leading U.S. universities, this school produces management skills for hotels around the world. AIM Hotel Tourism Management School was founded in 1992.

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