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Restored Almata Business

The restaurant business faculty was established more than six years ago. The faculty was created by specialists with extensive practical experience in catering facilities. The aim of the school is to understand the level of care and work of catering facilities in Kazakhstan. Also, to help overcome all the development difficulties for those who have just begun their activities in the area of restaurant business. The restaurant business class includes all types of consulting services and training courses necessary for the successful operation of the restaurant. Graduates from this faculty have successfully applied the skills and knowledge acquired in the course of their studies and have also worked effectively.

Key words of the Faculty: restaurant business in Kazakhstan, restaurant business training in Almaty, restaurant management, restaurant administrator, waiter training, restaurant sales promotion, restaurant manager, calculator technology in Almaty.

The course is intended for managers and other hotel staff responsible for the quality of services and communication with guests. The objective of the course is to examine tools and technologies that improve the quality and efficiency of service and communication, to develop the practical skills necessary for purity creation and to cohabit in the hotel.

Recommended schedule: 8 sessions for 3 academic hours.

The course is intended for managers who have their own restaurant business or are just about to open it. The objective of the course is to prepare literate and skilled restaurant managers who can successfully organize the business. The course devotes much attention to theory and practical skills under the headings: the foundation of catering, the organization of work in the mall, the management of staff in the restaurant business system, the accounting and the “secrets” of the increase in profits.