В Казани открылось представительство Университета «Синергия»

Catasan Company

Студенты Казанского филиала РМАТ

Licence: indefinite

Certificate of State accreditation

Postal address: 420111, Republic of Tatarstan, Kazan, Trade Union, D. 17

Telephone and fax:
(843) 292-15-78 - Receiving Director
(843) 279-73-15
(843) 279-78-08 - Decanat
(843) 292-07-06 - Fax
(843) 292-02-96

Site: www.
E-mail: kfrmat@gmail.com

Казанский филиал РМАТ

Director of the branch

Ponomare Kiril Nikolayevich born on 25 January 1970 There are three higher education institutions:
In 1994, M. V. Lomonosov (Asia and Africa Institute) completed the Moscow State University, the East Speaker, the Swahili language interpreter with English knowledge.
in 1996 Business Institute and the business administration of ANH under the Government of the Russian Federation is a specialist in economics and foreign language management.
In 1997, the Moscow State Institute for International Relations (University) is an international lawyer.
Ponomare K.N. is a candidate for political science, Professor of the Russian International Tourism Academy.

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