гостиничный бизнес

Hotel Business

Seniors who dream of a hotel or restaurant business will try their careers in summer holidays. In the camps of Great Britain, Switzerland, Spain and the United States, hotel managers and retorters are programmed. Schools will learn design, servitude, hotel marketing, look behind hotels. It's a great chance to try everything, to choose a specialty or to change your mind in time. And practice English.

Fundamentals of hospitality

Swiss Education Academy teaches basic hospitality. The seniors will see the work of the Swiss hotels from the inside and realize that the management of this mechanism requires not only a broad smile, but also management knowledge. In addition, understanding different cultures, knowing how to deal with anyone, feeling style and great English. At the end of the course, the guys will pick one of the three specialties.

The hospitality course lasts two weeks. Swiss teachers refer to senior students as honorary guests. This is why classes are closely intertwined with entertainment. So, in the morning, students are going to class on hotel design, guest communication, risk management, table series, traditions of different peoples.

After lunch, walks, rides to the auction park, sports. This is necessary to " turn the head " . In the evening, tours are waiting for the Lavaux vineyards inherited by UNESCO, a gruire cheese factory or chocolate production. Cheese and chocolate can not only be tried, but can be cooked. The next hotel manager after these trips will look at the table series and the tasting.

In the second week of study, seniors are assigned to the selection panels. We can deepen our hotel management: team organization, negotiation and risk management. Two other options: hotel structure and organization of activities.

The occupations take place in a luxury hotel building in Montre on the shore of the Geneva lake. From here to hand to the alpine top and easy to reach any European capital. After school, you can rest a week on the lake or go on a trip.

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