Бизнес план реферат ресторан - есть решение

Business Planning In Restaurant Activities


The University of Harkov was the only one in classical universities where tourism education was institutionalized in a separate faculty. The speciality of “Turism” appeared at the university in 2003. Later, a tourism business cafe was created in 2005 and became a structural unit of the newly established Faculty of International Economic Relations and Tourism.

Professor V. V. Aleksandrov and Professor A. P. Golikov were at the origin of the cafeteria and faculty. The first head of the cafeteria and, in fact, its founder was the first university professor, Professor V. V. Alexandrov.

The creation of a cafeteria was due to the general shift of market-based economic systems to a post-industrial type of development where functionality was involved services assumes special importance. In particular, tourism produces about 35 per cent of export services. International tourism income is more than $2 billion per day. The number of people employed in the tourism and related industries is more than 8 per cent of the world ' s working-age population. The World Tourism Organization predicts that by 2020 the number of tourists travelling around the world will reach 1.56 billion.


Bachelor ' s, Professional and Master ' s degrees in Turism are being trained at the cafeteria.

Special attention is paid to the language training of students. The teaching of the foreign language is provided by the Business Foreign Language and Translation Department. Teachers use modern teaching methods.

The cafeteria receives a high level of knowledge in modern information systems and technologies (TURWIN MULTIPRO, AMADEUS, GALILEO, SABRE).

During the course of the training course, the following types of practice are carried out at the Tour Business Café:

  • Tourist and Ukrainian (teacher);
  • tourism (teaching);
  • Technological (industrial);
  • organizational (productive).

Since 2005, students from the cafeteria have been internships abroad, and in the same year, a contract was concluded with TezTour (Turkey) tour operator for vocational training abroad.

The cafeteria students participate in regional and international scientific and practical conferences, and take the lead in the All-Ukrainian Student Olympics in Turism.

On the eve of the International Day of Tourism (27 September), since 2008, the faculty has introduced the tradition of commemoration of first-year students to tourist students.