R-Keeper v. 7 и автоматизация крупных ресторанных сетей

Automated Restaurant Management System

6-reception-hotelThe modern hotel is a complex set of functionalities, whose coherence depends on the success of the enterprise in the market. Given the current trends in hospitality and competition, which is increasing, the need to ensure the speed and accuracy of staff and the hotel complex as a whole is increasing. The solution to this problem is possible only through the introduction of hotel automation systems, i.e. the introduction of the Office ' s Automated System (AS) by the hotel (in English version, Property Management System (PMS)).

ASO for hotel complexes is a complex of integrated subsystems that create an effective environment for staff, customers and business partners - travel agencies, corporate clients and tour operators. While the price of such systems is high, according to Microsoft, most hotels in the West (especially network) periodically establish a new management system. This is due to the growth of competition and technological progress - if previously the hotels have changed technical equipment on average every 7 to 9 years, today every 3 to 5 years, and the downward trend remains.

Western systems are the most popular in this market: " Micros Fidelio " , " Lodging • Touch LIBICA " , Hospitality Enterprise Resource Planning " Cenium " , Epitome PMS, Amadeus PMS, OPERA; Russian developments - Neimeta, " Edelways " , " KEI Hotel " and corporate modules "

Almost all western hotel software providers have a version of their PMS specifically designed for remote use. These systems are developed using Internet technology: ASP (Application Server Provider) and SQL Client Server (Standart Query Language). In Russia, these products are represented by KEI Hotel and Nimeta systems.

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