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South Restaurant Trading House Feedback From Employees

The owner of Minister Tchakev's family, the way his niece bought the land, and why the Cupcakes picked up football players from the Stone of Esselki.

Residence No. 1

The sealed area in the Esselkov region of Cubani near the village of Pervomaysky is heaven on the ground, but there is little anyone who knows about it. According to the Pervomai people, there is a Cuban ex-Governor, and now the Minister of Agriculture, Alexandre Tkaev, together with his brother, deputy, Ghosduma Alexei Tkakiev. The Cuban publication considers this place to be “one of the alleged personal residences of Alexander Tchakev”. According to our data, this was officially called the Agrocomplex workers ' rest base.

The total base area is about 500 ha. Squirrels, rabbits and other living here run right under their feet. There are decorative gooses, "high standing on the legs" as described by their builders working on the tchakka fazende. Aside from the geese eyes, six pavilions, white and black swans are happy. To make swans, ducks and gusy live human, they built wooden cabinets on the pond with rooftops.

There are two cows in heaven, but, again, there are special nomenclatures. They were brought from Holland. The soul of the former governor is always prepared for two ponys and two dissessed dance horses. There's a hiptop built around here, where the races are recurrent. On several occasions, local horses competed with visitors, their evil languages were called Kadyrov. The " Kadyrov " scouts continue to lose politically.

Other local knowledge entertainments include shooting, for which two polygons are built. They shoot adults, in the sense that they're not traumatic or little. There are two high meals in the base entrance, they were brought from Germany. There's pine and pine coming from Italy, and rose alleys. Especially beautiful, they look at the background of artificial waterfalls. All these landscape miracles were designed and implemented by the Red-Day Tandem-South Disein.

We can stay away from the world's fusion here for a long time, because the base has its own power plant and a water tower.

There's only one flaw in the Cuban paradise: the weather doesn't listen to the Minister, sometimes raining and falling asleep in the snow. In this case, two houses were built, different shores of the pond. And if there's Alexander and Alexei Tkacheva in that weird place, I wonder who's meant for. The specials built a Cuban company called the Guardian. Do you remember the famous Black Sea Tchakev? I should like to point out that when the environmental fence was damaged, the damaged company was the Guardian-School-2.

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