ТОП-10 полезных книг для бизнесменов, написанных русскоязычными

Rossi Business

Artemia Lebedeva ' s studio released Skot Rao ' s Barista Manual in Russian.

If there is a real master in the world, Scott Rao, no doubt one of them. When he broke into a coffee world in the early 1990s, he almost became a cult of all barist and coffee professionals from all over the world. Over his shoulders, tens of thousands of fried grains, hundreds of thousands of coffee cooked, successful coffee business and tremendous experience detailed in four books.

One of them is " Professional Barist Allowance " . The expert manual for the preparation of espresso and coffee is, by law, a book that requires the reading of each coffee goury or newcomer in the case, as it contains the most accurate and detailed information on the preparation of any coffee beverages, the nuances of the organization and the proper functioning of the coffee shops. The author ' s personal experience over the years of observation offers the reader a wide range of coffee creativity plates.

Coffee isn't magic, it's a long and persistent job for a large number of people. Starting with a little grain, coffee goes a long way, finishing it in your buyer's cup. But the path, like the samurai route, is built, thernist, full of tests, and requires maximum coherence between all chains.

Coffee is dripping in the fingertips of a plantation collector, in the hands of a firefighter at work and a barist in a coffee shop. Coffee can obey, and it's about cure of coffee that's the book.

You don't know where to start? Read Scott Rao.

The book can be booked now on Artemia Lebedeva Studio

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