Ресторанное дело и гостиничный бизнес

Dairy And Hotel Business

Development and business tourism. Payable in leading companies is guaranteed. I want you to learn!

Best programmes of the judiciary in the direction of tourism and Hotel Spain 2017. PRESENTATION

Development and business tourism. Payable in leading companies is guaranteed. I want you to learn!

Adopts a holistic view of developments in industry and business tourism, knowledge development and the sector directly involved with mice.

Work on guarantees of success for all activities related to MICE industry and tourism. Processing methods for the effective operation and management of each operating phase of different types of events. Enhancing basic leadership in the professional organization of congresses, conferences, promotions, fairs and other activities. TRUE / REQUIREMENTS OF graduates or college graduates. Tourism sector specialists. NO EXTERNAL: 3-year experience is not certified. CENA AND SPOSS Proposal on the Internet and on the Internet: 2450 I'm 1950 (20% discount). Price face: 7990 I 5990 (25 percent discount). ESODE Business School certified. Internships paid and guaranteed (all) by leading companies. METEDOLOGÍA ...

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