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How To Succeed In A Restaurant Business

The founders of the Ribambel restaurants Oigul Musahanova and Yulia Fedorishina have detailed their business secrets and strategies, sanctions, informed consumption and good fault. And a little... about motherhood.

SNC: How did the idea of creating a Ribambelle project come?

Yula: She didn't come. (GRUNTING) It's a general misconception that a good idea just comes to mind. Any new successful project has to work, run, watch. The idea of “Ribambel”, as it now exists, has not just come to our head, we have been working on it. We have learned all of our experiences, our wishes, the different projects that exist in the world, all of which have been brought together and taken to our capacity. We had the idea of creating our own business that meets two criteria - profit and profit - and good emotions to make them proud. And then there's been a daily work on the end, which we've been doing all day before the launch.

SNC: How did you move to action? Can you give advice to future women entrepreneurs?

Oigul: The idea of action is the most important step. The idea is nothing! Yule and I had a very clear time frame for our project, and it brought us together. Yula just arrived from the INSEAD business school, as shelf life is known as the MBA diploma, 1 year. She had an internal granddad to open her business so that, if she failed, she could get back to corporate peace for a good job without losing her advantage in the form of an MVA diploma. I have in my life the need to protect myself and my two children. We had very different motivations, but they were, for each of us at that moment, substantial, so that we put everything behind and worked all day from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. What advice can there be? Just one, seven times.

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