Секреты клиентоориентированности | СГЭУ

Hotel And Restaurant Service

Programme description: The programme is designed to train service professionals working in hotel and restaurant business.

Programme releases Professionals Developing customer engagement policies, promoting hotel and restaurant services, managing organizational and technological processes of service providers, ensuring competitiveness of hotel and restaurant enterprises, designing service delivery.

As part of the training, students learn from the following subjects: service, hospitality, hotel, restaurant, etc.

Employment of graduates: Russian and foreign hotel networks, hotel complexes, restaurants and restaurant networks, their own business.

Programme benefits:

- The practice of Samara ' s leading hotel and restaurant enterprises, in which it is possible to implement its own ideas for the organization of a hospital and restaurant service;

- Specialized programme products skills (Paris, Masters, ASUG, etc.).


  • Dry
  • Location

Learning time:

  • 4 years in solitary form
  • 4, 5 years in the interior
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