Менеджмент и организация бизнеса

Restorative Business Training For Sarats

Saratov Colleges offer a lot of specialties.

Futures Teachers Graduated at the Saratov Regional Teacher Training College and the professional and pedagogical college of the GTU in Gagarin, and Medical at the Saratov Basic Medical College.

Receiving office skills (Architor, Editor, Publisher, Economist, Accountant, Documentsed, Salesman, Lawyer, Advertising Specialist and others) are invited to the Business College of the Institute Business and Strategy SGTU, the Pupil Institute of Management College, the affiliate of RANHIGS (formerly PAS), the Saratov Architectural and Construction College, the GAS Finance and Technology College, and the professional and pedagogical college of the GTU, Gagarin.

Many Professionals, among which the car mechanic, the cooker, the locomotive engineer, the torch, the hairdresser, the geologist, the plumber, the radio technician and others, offer to develop the Sarajevo College of Engineering and Economics, the Saratov College of Bridges and Hydrotechnic Institutions, the Sarajevo Building License, the College of Radio Technicians of P.N.

In many educational institutions, there is a proposal to develop creative ways. At the A.P. Bogolova Sculpture, an artist, a designer, the Saratov Regional Arts College, the profession of an artist (at the classes of piano, orchestra design tools, orchestra spiritual and strike instruments, and the tools of the Popular Orchestra) can be taught by the artist. Training on " Applied Arts and People ' s Works " is provided at the Training and Methical Centre of the SGTU Vocational and Supplementary Education.

The Saratov College of Culinary Art invites people who are unsatisfactory for cooking and catering.