Основные правила ресторанного этикета | Все об этикете

The Rules Of The Restaurant Label

1. So you decided to go to the restaurant. Remember, the man is always the first to enter the institution, warning that a woman might be at risk, but the main reason is that, on this basis, the meter has the right to draw conclusions as to who is the initiator and who will pay. In the case of women or men in the audience, priority is always the first and pays the one from whom the invitation to a restaurant came. But if a Swiss meets at the entrance, a man must miss the first woman. Then the cavalier finds free space.
2. If the meeting was scheduled in advance, a man should come a little earlier than a woman, get dressed in a wardrobe and find out at the waiter where the reservation is. All this has to be done before the guest lady comes. After that, you meet a woman, help her get naked and go to the gym.
3. A table in a restaurant is reserved for several people, in which case the others are expected in time for about 20 minutes, after which they are not bound by their obligations. The late arrivals must apologize and, without paying special attention, join the others.
4. A gentleman who came to a cafe or restaurant and accompanied by a lady should give up the last more comfortable place at the table, for example, with a view to the stage. However, the most convenient places are usually considered: the wall face to the hall, in the middle of the room, face to the entrance. At the same time, a man should take a place on the left of the lady or in front of her if the table is small. In the event that two men and one lady (or vice versa) have lunch, it/he is recommended to have a network between them.
5. A man has to help his lady sit down. He puts a chair out of the table and then helps the companion move it. It must be noted that this is an old rule of ethics today, almost nobody does. Women usually take the lead in their own hands: they choose their own place at the table and sit on a chair. Also, the rules of good tone say a man has to come up a little if the lady comes up from the table. If there are several men sitting at the table, they may not stand when a woman rises.
6. According to the rules of ethics, a man chooses a menu. In doing so, he must offer his companion the choice of a menu dish. It is no surprise that in some high-end restaurants there is a separate menu for men (with prices) and women (with no price), so visitors can choose the corn they want without risk. ♪ ♪