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Catering Business Development

1. Federal Act No. 44-FZ (referred from ) [Electronic Resource] on the contractual system for the procurement of goods, works, services for public and municipal needs) /

2. Sungurov S.I. Organo-Economy Processing Mechanism as the basic stage for the effective implementation of urban investment and construction programmes: Kand, Economy. -M., 2014.

3. Hvostov A.A. Assessment of the public procurement system to comply with the principles of effective procurement // Audit and financial analysis. - 2010. - No. 1. - C. 2-9.

KDC 339.9:640.43 A.A. Sosina, S.I. Glavchev


The article provides an analysis of the current state of the Novosibirsk restaurant business. Statistics are provided on the impact of various factors on the successful development and promotion of catering facilities.

Key words: restaurant, marketing, catering, Novosibirsk.

A.A. Sosnina, S.I. Glavcheva


The analysis of the current condition of the restaurant business in Novosibirsk is presented in the article. The statistical data on the influence of various factors on the successful development and promotion of public catering enterprises are given.

Key words: restaurant business, marketing, public catering enterprises, Novosibirsk.

Restored business is an entrepreneurial activity related to the organization and management of a restaurant or other catering facility aimed at meeting the needs of people with good, varied and healthy foods, as well as profits.

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