Цель туризма и ресторанный бизнес

Tourism And Restaurant Objectives

The International College of Tourism and Menedjment (ITM GmbH) specializes in training foreign students in tourism. Our goal is to prepare motivated and open young people for a successful career in international tourism and the hospitality industry. The training programme focuses on business entities with a focus on learning theoretical knowledge and learning experience, and practical knowledge of food and drinks, management and services in different countries.

At the same time, we want to give our graduates the opportunity to have a full academic degree within the shortest period of time.

Founded in 1986, ITM College became the first private tourism and management college in Austria with English teaching. The programme for each training area is 4 semesters. Students are trained in a variety of tasks and are well-targeted in a rapidly growing tourism industry, which is characterized by continuous changes, continuously updated demands, cultural penetration and job market dynamism.

Adoption of documents

  • Candidates are selected by the receiving board according to the following criteria:
  • Education - certificates or diplomas of educational establishments;
  • Training - certificates and feedback from employers;
  • Personal essay - why are you interested in a career in tourism management and hospitality or SPA management (300-500 printed words);
  • Interview.
  • Documents required for income:
  • Certificate of maturity (education document),
  • Birth certificate,
  • Summary (Curriculum vitae),
  • Personal essay ( 300 to 500 words)
  • A copy of the passport,
  • Two recent passport photos.

Bachelor ' s Diploma

The College works in cooperation with the Manchester University of Metropolitan and offers educational programmes in English.

All our programmes are taught in English. Lessons from the German language are also included in programmes.

After graduation, a Bachelor ' s degree with European accreditation is awarded in the following areas:

Bachelor of Hospitality and Tourism/ Manchester University Metropolitan (Bachelor in Hospitality Management with Tourism/Manchester Metropolitan University)

To get a Bachelor ' s degree with European accreditation, studying in a cozy student town in Austria, we're doing this for 25 years!

Officially recognized Bachelor of Manchester Metropolitan University.

Educational duration: two semesters, part-time.

Cost of study: 4,450 for semester.

Starting in September. The language of instruction is English.

Gaming and Casino Management