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Taxes On Restaurant Business

Taxes found a double accountant in companies operating the Carchma Taras Bulba restaurant network

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The Moscow network of restaurants, Corchma Taras Bulba, has paid almost 1 billion roubles for the period 2011-2013, followed by a decision of the Moscow Arbitration Court, following a company ' s claim by one of the restaurants, the Union Concerna. The company tried to challenge the decision on which it received 1,8 million roubles but lost the case on 24 May. Companies have replaced income for 2011 and 2012 in the amount of about 22 million roubles, lack of income from car sales, misrepresentation of income, double accounting. On 18 April, a tax action was filed against the bankruptcy of Unitak-Concerna, and it was admitted to production.

In August 2014, the operations of the General Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Moscow seized documents and equipment from the network ' s management company, the Management Company Network 10, and a restaurant, the GS Pristige, and found in electronic files the financial performance of companies that allegedly confirmed unaccounted income, in a court decision. After receiving the materials, the tax checks were carried out against 15 yurls who run restaurants. After checks, the tax deduction, penis and fines in total of almost 1 billion roubles are covered by a court decision.

The directors of restaurants and chief accountants had corporate mobile phones, which they had contacted the manager of the founder of the Yuri Belovan restaurant network, and exchanged information on daily earnings, each night the cashiers squeezed the cassus and handed over the financial cheques to Beloyvan, and testified in the court records. Staff members held most of the cash in the safe and then taken to the banking units, the consolidated tables of Belovan were e-mailed, said the same. Electronic correspondence of staff members is partially provided for confirmation in court judgement.

And a retortor, and a sculptor.

Founder of the network of restaurants of the Ukrainian Korchma Taras Bulba, Yuri Belovan. According to the network site, it comprises 18 restaurants in Moscow, one in Kiev and one in New York, and has its own Kazaky farm in Ryazan province. Belovan also operates the Moscow office of the Ukrainian publisher of A-Ba-Ba-Ga-La-Ga, in addition to his website, he is a sculptor and photographer.