Оценка ресторана

Measuring Restaurant Business

It would have been necessary to determine the cost of your restaurant, but only two indicators, the monthly income it earned and the average time spent on investing. You multiply the first one to the second, and you get the price you can sell your case first. However, it is increasingly difficult to assess existing businesses over the years and takes into account dozens of factors.

The evaluation of the restaurant, like any other existing business, plays a crucial role in developing a sales strategy. The extent to which the price asserted corresponds to the actual state of affairs depends not only on the time of business but also on the possibility. The evaluation may have different objectives (from bank credit to tax evasion) in turn affecting the company ' s value engineering. Depending on what evaluation work is directed, the choice of the method by which it is performed depends. Much depends on the availability of information - each business is specific, sometimes methods of collecting and analysing the data needed to determine the company ' s value are developed for each site separately. In the context of the article submitted, the final evaluation guide is the sale of business.

Methods and methods of valuation in principle. Not different from those used for other non-industrial business. There are a number of generally accepted evaluation technologies applicable to the total mass of finished enterprises.

The method of comparative sales, which can reasonably be determined by the value of business, adequately takes into account market realities, but only if there are large sales statistics. It must be borne in mind that selling business is a new market economy sector. Data on the amount of transactions made are often classified, which significantly limits the ability to assess. This method has another major disadvantage - it does not take into account the dynamics of the company, its prospects.

The cost-benefit approach determines the replacement cost of the material assets. This methodology is static and does not reflect the business itself. It is mainly used in the reassessment of fixed assets, non-profit facilities and the sale of property.

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